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Board of Directors

Meredith Ratliff GOUyouthsoccer@gmail.com
VP Competitive Players
Fabio Marchetti barriouno@bellsouth.net
V.P. Developmental (In-house)
Matt Lannon jlanno1024@gmail.com
Director of Coaching Tony Molina GOU.doc@gmail.com
Registrar Meredith Ratliff GOUyouthsoccer@gmail.com
Treasurer Maria Marchetti goubalance0@gmail.com
Webmaster open
Equipment Manager Diana Owens owens86@earthlink.net
Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Decker
V.P. Rules and Regs
Joe Johnson jjjohnson134@gmail.com
Club to Club Contact
Colleen Essaouab ColleenGOU@comcast.net

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