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Mailing Address:  
Greater Osceola United Soccer Club
P.O. Box 701776
St. Cloud, FL 34770

If you need to contact us, the best way to reach us is by email!

[email protected]
Officer Position Contact Name Email Address
VP Competitive PlayersJorge Tony Molina  [email protected]
V.P. Academy Chris Brown
[email protected]
Director of Coaching Jorge Tony Molina [email protected]
Registrar Matt Lannon 
R[email protected]
Treasurer Francy Arias (business)  
Sandra Gonzalez (player balances)  
Tournament DirectorChris Brown[email protected]
 Communication Director
Sandra Gonzalez
 [email protected]
Marketing and promotions  Paula Meneses  [email protected]
Equipment Manager Mohammed Alsayed [email protected]
V.P. Rules and Regs/Field MarshallsButch Davis   [email protected]
Scheduler, Matt Lannon S[email protected]
[email protected]
Austin Tindall Facilities Field Manager 

Jeff Kuenzli 
Jackie Flemiing
Jackie Flemiing
Jackie Flemiing